What About Peru?

01 Mar 2014, Posted by admin in Cale Now, Peru 2013

Why Peru? Why South America? Why Machu Picchu? Why the Sacred Valley?  It is very simple.  Because “we say so!”  How wonderful is it to go somewhere just because you make a decision to go?  World travel and travelling adventures should be care free and filled with the curiosity of country, language, culture and exposure to new things.  Our CALE Kids are on track to go anywhere in the world, where they can live out our focus on culture, arts, leadership through volunteerism, and global exchange.  This sense of discovery is perfect for the Peruvian experience. There are many facts about Peru that make it an obvious first destination for our program – the rich historical landmarks and wonders, the cultural accounts of exploration, discovery, war and religion.  Or maybe it is the elaborate architecture, landscapes and environmental respect that provide a piece of indigenous perspective, which is lost in the modern world of technology.  Honestly, there are many things that you could take into consideration when discussing how amazing PERU is to visit on our 1st trip for CALE Now! IMG_4426

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