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Money, Money, Money, Money!

17 Oct 2013, Posted by admin in Cale Now, Peru 2013

Where is the best place to exchange money? Before even thinking about where, we have to know the exchange rate to be sure we get a good deal. So, off to one of our trusty sites (and there are many) to research….

1 US Dollar = XX Peruvian Nuevo Soles?

We found that the best thing to do for Peru was to exchange a small amount of money at the airport in the US – not necessarily where you’ll get the best rate, especially since they charge a transaction fee – but it’s convenient. It’s best to have a little local currency on hand for expected and unexpected expenses, like snacks, cabs, etc. You never know, so be prepared!

With a small amount of soles in hand, off we go. After arrival into Peru there are many other options. People will exchange your money on the streets. Bet you don’t see that in your neighborhood! Just be sure the person is wearing an official vest. You can also exchange your money at a bank or store. Look for the signs. We found the best rates in a small store in Lima.

Make wise decisions about your money by knowing how much it’s worth!


On The Plane!

15 Oct 2013, Posted by admin in Cale Now, Peru 2013

You never know whom you’ll meet when the door to conversation is opened by “hello.” As fortune would have it, we met Marco Lopez. Marco and his brother own a lodge in Ecuador called Mariana Miller, which is an ecological island. Ecuador 2015??