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A Special Thank You!

22 Apr 2014, Posted by admin in Cale Now

On April 5th we held our 1st Volunteer/Supporter Appreciation & Orientation.  It was a tremendous success!  We had a full house of CALE Now! supporters, volunteers, enthusiasts and potential participants.  Supporters even called in from out of state and out of the country.  The day was filled with information, inspiration and motivation.  Our Founder and Cultural Exchange Officer (CEO), Kiahnna Patton, set the tone with direction and vision for the future of CALE Now!  If you didn’t get an opportunity to sign up to volunteer, you can do so by completing an interest form on our website.  We will contact all of our volunteers shortly to start working on our 2014 program and trip to Peru, and to plan our 2015 program.  There are many lives to impact and we appreciate your support!

Please also share with your networks that Applications for the 2014 Program are available now.  We encourage applicants with limited resources to apply, as financial support will be provided to all participants selected.

Our guests were greeted at the registration table with their badges and everyone’s presence was an encouragement to us.


Norman Coulter of 6ixth Man Leadership, one of our partners and major supporters, receiving his certificate after engaging our audience with a few words of encouragement.


Thank you so much for making this day a success!  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you very soon.


Our Founder and Co-Founder distributing certificates of appreciation to our volunteers and supporters who have worked tirelessly to create an amazing foundation. They’ve designed our website, reviewed curricula, edited documents, provided financial support, and more!


Throughout the day there were many laughs and expressions of joy about the wonderful work ahead. Here are some of our intently listening guests enjoying the information.  We even had guests call in from TX, GA, and Italy! Many thanks to Khalisha Banks, Golden Butler, Christopher Lee, and Dominique Ralph for dialing in.



During the mini break out sessions you can see our volunteers ready to engage. Session A covered areas that interact with youth participants, including International Chaperone, Expert Facilitator, Support Facilitator, Parent Liaison.  Session B covered Fundraising, Administrative Support, Program Planning, and Technology.  We heard your questions and responses, and are ready prepare our youth to explore the world in a meaningful way.


Our Founders – AnGele Cade, Kiahnna Patton, Yahnese Griffin – ready to accomplish our mission to create global leaders who transform themselves and the world through their exploration of international cultures.


By Dominique Hobdy


The First Lady sat down for a CNN iReport interview to promote travel amongst young people. She took questions from viewers about traveling abroad.

When asked what her first passport stamp was, Mrs. Obama revealed that it was from her first trip abroad to Paris, France. She elaborated, saying her sophomore class had the chance to spend a week in France, but she was afraid to ask her father to fund the trip, feeling like it was an extravagance.

She says that when she finally got the courage to ask, he didn’t blink an eye. “He wanted me to have all of the experiences that he didn’t have.”

Mrs. Obama went on to encourage young adults to seize the opportunity to travel, saying that it is a priority of hers to expose her daughters to the world. “We want this not just for our girls but we want that for you guys, too.” she said. “And when you find the opportunity, take it, okay? That’s going to make you just, better people, smarter people, and it’s a lot of fun too.”


Watch what else Mrs. Obama had to say about the importance of traveling abroad:


How Soft is Baby Alpaca

02 Apr 2014, Posted by admin in Cale Now

Imagine this – you are walking down an amazing village street where the locals cater to tourists for their livelihood by making authentic trinkets and souvenirs, and knitting fabrics into various items…from baby outfits to sweaters and gloves. Everyone tells you how soft and pure his or her alpaca material is, since it is a prime feature of the region. After walking down the alley way of merchants we come to a private location where our tour guide seats us in a space where a young girl begins to describe the process of dying the material by using liquid that emerges from insects and other not-so-expected sources for spectrums of color. What emerges is the softest fabric you have ever felt made into a scarf. Along the way we found ourselves stopping to take a picture with an Alpaca whose hair (fiber) was lustrous, silky, and warm without lanolin, which makes it naturally hypoallergenic. Let’s just say everyone got something made from baby alpaca.


What About Peru?

01 Mar 2014, Posted by admin in Cale Now, Peru 2013

Why Peru? Why South America? Why Machu Picchu? Why the Sacred Valley?  It is very simple.  Because “we say so!”  How wonderful is it to go somewhere just because you make a decision to go?  World travel and travelling adventures should be care free and filled with the curiosity of country, language, culture and exposure to new things.  Our CALE Kids are on track to go anywhere in the world, where they can live out our focus on culture, arts, leadership through volunteerism, and global exchange.  This sense of discovery is perfect for the Peruvian experience. There are many facts about Peru that make it an obvious first destination for our program – the rich historical landmarks and wonders, the cultural accounts of exploration, discovery, war and religion.  Or maybe it is the elaborate architecture, landscapes and environmental respect that provide a piece of indigenous perspective, which is lost in the modern world of technology.  Honestly, there are many things that you could take into consideration when discussing how amazing PERU is to visit on our 1st trip for CALE Now! IMG_4426

CALE Now! Orientation 2014

14 Dec 2013, Posted by admin in Cale Now, Peru 2013

Look out for the orientation session date for Spring 2014! Parents and students will be invited to attend an orientation session to learn about the CALE movement and its long-term benefits to the lives of participants, and to learn about the application process. The program will start Summer 2014. Stay tuned!

Nelson Mandela

05 Dec 2013, Posted by admin in Cale Now, Peru 2013

We lost a magnificent international symbol of hope. Use him as inspiration to learn about and change the world. Madiba lives on through the great works of all people! CALE Kids will shine in his light!

Machu Picchu

19 Oct 2013, Posted by admin in Cale Now, Peru 2013

Talk about breathtaking! Not only was this one of the most beautiful views in the world, but you’ll be literally gasping for air if you run, like I did, up to the look out tower. You’ll look down on the grassy town square, alpacas, and cats, and look up at the Andes Mountains and clouds. No wonder it’s a wonder of the world!


18 Oct 2013, Posted by admin in Cale Now, Peru 2013

We ate the alpaca! No, it didn’t taste like chicken. It actually tasted like stewed beef, and was pretty good. Keeping an open mind and being willing to try local cuisine is one of the greatest joys of international travel. Chances are, you won’t find the same foods at home. And, you just may taste something you love, or at least will never forget!

Cuzco – Sacred Valley

18 Oct 2013, Posted by admin in Cale Now, Peru 2013

In the Sacred Valley we climbed 200 steps at Ollantayambo, an Inca archaeological site that was home to Inca royalty.  Whew!  CALE Kids, get prepared for a work out!  We learned that Spanish conquistadors tore down one of the temples at the very top of the site, and carried the humongous rocks down those 200 steps to the base of the site, where they built a Catholic church.