Our mission is to transform the lives of young people through personal development, cultural exploration, and global travel.

PERU 2014


CUBA 2016

ITALY 2017

This is the CALE Now Experience!  


Program sessions are held for 8 Saturdays during the summer. All students accepted receive scholarships (full or partial) to cover the cost of the workshops and the international trip.



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Thank you for gifting deserving kids with this opportunity! Your contributions help us to fund:

♦  Weekly highly interactive summer sessions to educate students ages 11 to 14 on culture, leadership, and social responsibility.

♦  International travel and related expenses for students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to travel abroad.

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OVERVIEW – Why We Do What We Do!

CALE Now is an 8-week summer enrichment and international study program that transforms the lives of young people through a program that incorporates innovative methods to teach them about the world and how they can impact it. We reach kids at a critical age at which they face peer pressure, self-esteem issues, and decisions that begin to shape the future of a person. We influence them at a higher level, so that their entire life can be different.


BENEFITS – What We Do!

Each CALE Kid actively participates in a summer program, attending weekly meetings to develop skills in leadership and volunteerism, to expand their experience of the world, and at the end travel to the country of study. CALE Kids develop character by learning about responsibility, they learn how to manage money, they volunteer to help others, and they travel internationally.